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How Bayer incorporates GenAI into its value chain

Where Data Science meets Food Science – Leveraging AI for product development at Nestlé

How Siemens thinks about implementing Gen AI

Gen AI in a large aviation group – How EAM helps introducing a disruptive technology

LLM application development - How do we use Large Langage Models to build reliable systems?

Generative AI - Evolution or Revolution?

Retraining, onboarding, and documentation for streamlining workflows in the transition to a new platform using LLMs

Anthropomorphized AI - Global User Value Increasing

It takes a Data Village - How to become a successful data-driven company?

Creating AI powered real products at Miele

Twin in a Box – Enabling predictability through AI at the edge

AI as a Mediator - A quick and efficient solution for the resolution of disputes and conflicts

Machine Learning, AI, and Governance - Transforming Businesses and Reducing Risk

Enhancing AI-Driven User Engagement with Real-Time Data Streaming via Flink

How Continental set up the right organization and infrastructure for industrialized AI & Analytics

AI & Machine Learning beyond Manufacturing - Use cases and examples from Nestlé

Implementation of Big Data, Cloud & AI at Zurich Insurance Company

AI - When machines are smarter and companies are dumber


Survey Report

The current status of market developments, challenges, trends and opportunities relating to Applied AI, ML,and Deep Learning platforms, and MLOps


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