Creating AI powered real products at Miele

In product development, there are two planets. If you create software for digital cat ears, you live on Carefreenus. But if your task is to build physical, down to earth products where a misfunction can mean real harm, you live on Seriosa. When it comes to integrating AI in your development process, this makes all the difference. Hear in this presentation, how Miele developed one of the most robust pipelines for AI applications and filtering out false positives/negatives and how they position themselves to make the most of the latest development while staying prudent about their edge cases.

– How to deal with business expectations of physical products raised by virtual products
– What integrating AI in industrial development bringing real customer value looks like
– Creating a robust pipeline to push reliability of models to the limit

Dr. Holger Ernst

Head of Innovation Management Business Unit Dishwashing


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