Enhancing AI-Driven User Engagement with Real-Time Data Streaming via Flink

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the need for real-time data processing is paramount, especially in the context of enhancing user engagement through dynamic online model training. This presentation focuses on the innovative integration of AI with Flink for processing clickstream data, moving beyond traditional batch processing methods. While platforms like Spark Streaming offer near-real-time capabilities, they have limitations that Flink addresses with its advanced data streaming solutions. We will explore how Flink’s capabilities enable a more responsive adaptation of machine learning models, significantly reducing the feedback loop and improving the accuracy and relevance of online content recommendations. This approach exemplifies the potential of AI in transforming real-time user interaction analysis, marking a significant shift towards more adaptive and user-centric AI applications.

Online model training is becoming increasingly prevalent on the market and has proven its positive impact on customer engagement and revenue
Even the largest organisations can benefit from online model training through proper choice of tools. Those capabilities can be achieved rapidly with minimal development resources
Apache Flink is a cutting-edge Open Source real-time streaming tool that has gained widespread popularity and can be easily leveraged in online commerce applications and online model training

Zbigniew Królikowski

Senior ML Engineer


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