Going beyond the use cases in the lab – How Continental set up the right organization and infrastructure for industrialized AI & Analytics & AI

When Continental decided to grow this out of its first BI service analytics, the OEM supplier started implementing a mission critical industrialization environment capable of running several AI projects. This includes building up an infrastructure for scaling use cases from the first minute. The presentation will show the roadmap and most relevant building blocks with regard to AI & Analytics industrialization, introducing successful use cases as a result of today’s technical and organizational environment.

Presentation key takeaways:

  • The decision making: Why Continental decided to grow out of its classical BI tools
  • The goal: Roadmap from BI to AI & Analytics industrialization
  • The blueprint: Most important building blocks and components of the new environment
  • The practice: Use cases enabled through Data Science industrialization

Dubravko Dolic

Head of Applied Analytics & AI
Continental AG


We would be pleased to welcome you at the Enterprise AI Summit Europe.